The Different Between Human Hair And Synthetic Hair,Why?

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The Different Between Human Hair And Synthetic Hair,Why?

Here are some difference between Human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions


If you are shopping based only on cost of hair extensions, the synthetic hair extensions will be the least expensive. Real choices can sometimes be expensive. But human hair extensions will be as close to your own hair, in look and texture, as possible. I

Life Expectancy

The cheaper, synthetic hair extensions will not usually last as long as the human hair extensions. Most people do not expect to get more than three or four months of wear from them. Human hair extensions made with real hair may last as long as a year, if properly taken care of.


It is very sample and easy to maintain synthetic hair extensions. The style is usually made into the product, and this will keep it from failing. You can go out in the rain or in high humidity, and keep the same style.

And human hair extensions is not too easy. They are very similar to your own hair, and hairstyles may have problems in damp weather and rain. When caring for human hair extensions, make sure that you use good quality shampoo and conditioner on them. It is a good idea to use products that help prevent heat damage, too. This can extend the life of your human hair extensions.

Using Heat Tools
Often times, women will want to use things like curling irons and hot rollers. These can usually be used on human hair extensions, and the reason is simple. It is made from the same material as your own hair. Most synthetic hair extensions are not made to withstand much heat, and in some cases, they may melt.

Changing Color
If you select the synthetic hair extensions, it is important to get the exact color that you want. You will not be able to change the color or tint. In most cases, it may cause a lot of damage, if you attempt to dye them.
Human hair extensions can be dyed and you can alter the color as you wish. This can give you a huge advantage if you plan to change your hair color. You can use the same dye on your extensions and have a perfect match in color or shade.

Special Events
Many women choose the human hair extensions for special events like weddings. They have the most natural look and blend in well. Can style and color them to be the most suitable.

It is easier to maintain synthetic hair extensions and it is important to take proper care of human hair extensions. You can style and dye human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions can’t. Human hair extensions will cost more than synthetic hair extensions. But, they will last longer and you don’t need buy too much hair for a year. 


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